Your First Visit

What to expect in your first complimentary consultation at Estes Orthodontics?

Begin your orthodontic journey today with free consultation. At this appointment, we’ll take digital images, photos and do a physical exam. This information will help us diagnose your issue and formulate the most ideal treatment plan to address those issues. 

We’ll discuss treatment options that may be available to you and be sure you understand the pros and cons of each so you can make the most educated decision about your smile. We’ll discuss everything that will go into your treatment, and be sure to give you time to ask any questions you may have.
This is also the time that financial obligations will be explained. We’ll discuss what your obligations are, what may be covered by insurance, and discuss payment plans that we offer to make sure your treatment is affordable.

Once you’ve decided on your treatment, we’ll be happy to schedule your next appointment so you can begin your smile journey as soon as possible. If Dr. Estes says you’re ready to start and you would also like to get started we can often do this next appointment the same day as your exam to save you a trip to the office.

At the end of the consultation, if you are ready to begin treatment, your orthodontic team will schedule your next appointment so you can begin your orthodontic journey.

Please contact our practice to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic evaluation. If needed, early treatment now will give your child a healthy, beautiful smile for the future.

Dr. Estes and her team are committed to ensuring each patient and their families receive excellent care using state-of-the-art treatment options.