What Are the Best Braces Colors?

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Wearing braces is the new trend. But, unfortunately, unimaginable as it might sound, in some Asian countries wearing braces is a privilege reserved for wealthy people, so having them became a sign of class distinction that makes people wear braces even when they don’t need them.

The consequences of wearing braces indefinitely just for what is turning into a social nicety are risky. But, beyond these odd practices, braces became trendy among teens with malocclusion. So, that self-conscious feeling about wearing braces became a thing of the past.

Moreover, you can customize your braces using colored braces ligatures (elastic rubber bands) that match your personality and mood or according to a special event, holiday, or theme, like a sports team, you like the most. So, here we bring some fun braces ligature options you can use to have a fun time with your peer friends with braces.

The Best Braces Color Combinations

Patients can choose from bounteous combination possibilities and patterns to get custom style braces styles. Likewise, an excellent option is to adapt color theory to get the best out of color combinations. But before we get deep into theories, here we have some fun examples of combinations you might want to try:

Vivid and Enthusiastic Braces Colors

A lively and animated color option is to combine aqua and yellow. For example, you might use a rubber band to make a tooth yellow and the next aqua, keeping the pattern on the rest of the teeth.

Jazzy, Fun, and Perfect for a Night Out

A little crazy, and it isn’t a daytime option, does it? Well, we guess it is best to get Neon Green and Pink for a fun night party with friends.

Either Sweet or Flashy, You Choose the Tones

Play with pale or brighter tones of pink and purple to look tender (pallid) or joyful (more optimistic).

A Clever Way to Make Your Teeth Look Clearer

You might have an occasional social meeting you want to look impeccable. Use a light blue and navy color, one on each dental arch.

Attention Everybody, Here I Am

Break the ice with this energetic combination. Use some orange and blue rubber bands and catch everyone’s attention.

Color Theory Rubber Band Options

If you are unconvinced about the options above, no problem. The most suitable choice to make the best of color bands is to combine them according to whatever state of mind or personality identification or to convey an intended mood.

Color theory is a valuable set of rules that guides humans and professionals (interior design architects, digital and web designers, artists, therapists, nursery teachers, psychologists, and many more) to communicate.

Color theory categorizes colors according to three groups where the primary colors (RGB) stand for red, green, and blue, but they extend according to how light blends color. The (CMYK) is an alternative model that includes cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Secondary colors derive from the combinations of primary colors, and tertiary from primary and secondary colors. In short, psychology specialists and design professionals often use color combinations to appeal to basic emotions that could help in therapies and convince people through subtle communication.

Holiday Ideas

We have several important celebrations in the U.S., which we call holidays. They are public festivities in which people take a day or a few days off to gather with friends and family.

For instance, you might want to show your loved ones the admiration and honor you feel for our nation’s independence by wearing the red, white, and blue colors on July 4th. Here we have some creative/fun ideas for rubber band colors according to the holidays you will love.

Independence Day

We’ve said it and are proud to share this with our patients. Dr. Laurie Estes loves creating a bond with the community and commemorating independence day with family and friends.

You are welcome to visit us ahead of time and get your red, white, and blue elastic bands so you can brag to your friends and family about our national colors on your Albany teeth braces.

Veterans Day

Many of us have relatives who served in the armed forces, and we would like to thank them for their service. In addition, you might want to tell them you matched your braces rubber bands with the color of your clothes and flag to signify the national colors.


What better occasion to let your imagination free with some somber, darker colors? White, black, and grayish tones are fantastic to wear with your favorite tenebrous characters like Wednesday or Maleficent.


What colors characterize Thanksgiving? Yes, you can play with intense orange or yellow rubber band colors, mix them or use them alone.


The most wonderful time of the year and a great moment to share with your family and become the focus of attention with your green and red rubber bands. Think of it; you are going to love it.

Sports Teams

There are many sports in the U.S. we can become a fan of, and sometimes, our patients happen to love them all. From basketball to cricket…..we’ve heard there are Rubik’s and video games tournaments now considered sports.

We will not dig that deep, but we might select some of the most respected and favorite sports teams and sports in California and share their colors with you. So, when a friend invites you to a game, you can be better prepared for it with rubber bands representing their colors:

  • Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers – Yellow
  • Football: San Francisco 49ers – Black, gold, red and white
  • Baseball: San Francisco Giants – White, Orange, and Black
  • Soccer: Los Angeles Galaxy: White, Blue, Yellow.

Braces Colors You Might Want to Avoid

In short, we recommend that, unless it is Halloween, you don’t go for dark colors as they might make your teeth look stained. Also, white and pale yellow elastic bands might create a false plaque impression. Moreover, colored foods tend to stain clear elastic bands, so we recommend not wearing them.

Alternatives to Braces

Maybe traditional metal braces with colored bands are not for you, or the problem is you don’t want metal bonded to your teeth, period. In that case, you are lucky because there are alternatives for metal braces, and we list them so you can discuss them with Dr. Estes.

Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Albany Ceramic braces are discreet; if noticed, people often consider them glamorous and classy. These discrete braces made of ceramic are a spectacular option for people who don’t want to call attention.


Most of us know about Invisalign clear aligners. But, if you are one of the few who doesn’t know about this system, here we tell you a bit about it. As the best provider of Invisalign Albany has available, we want to highlight that this is a technological orthodontic achievement combining clear retainers appearance (invisible) and braces (shaped to move teeth strategically).

Invisalign’s innovative concept is full of advantageous characteristics that include the following:

  • Discreteness: Almost imperceptible.
  • Hygienical: Patients can remove them, making dental hygiene easy.
  • Comfortable: The plastic trays snugly adapt to the dental arches.

Are You Ready to Say Cheese in Your Next Picture?

Whether you use dental braces in Albany and don’t mind getting colored elastics or you prefer the discreteness of Invisalign, Dr. Estes has the perfect solution to straighten your teeth and help you get a beautiful smile.

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