Fluoride Treatment Albany, CA

Maintaining healthy teeth is our chief concern, so if you are looking for an Albany fluoride treatment, you’re in luck. The team at Estes Orthodontics focuses on offering high-quality treatment to all who come into our office, but the best way to preserve your good dental health is to prevent decay. One such way is to use fluoride.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral you can get in small doses from foods like spinach, grapes, raisins, potatoes, and black tea, or even wine! In our communities, you can even get fluoride from the public water supply. Richmond fluoride treatment is a beneficial procedure because it enables other minerals like calcium and phosphates to be reabsorbed by your teeth and strengthen the enamel layer that keeps harmful bacteria from creating cavities.

So when you receive Fluoride, whether it’s from the food you take, the toothpaste you use, or the water you drink, you are providing your teeth with an additional layer of protection against cavities. By preventing cavities, you are also preventing the premature loss of teeth, and you are preventing gum disease.

Some people are wary of receiving Albany fluoride treatment, but you should know that this mineral is not toxic for humans. Your dentist, or hygienist, will be careful not to apply this treatment if you suffer from any allergies to the compound, and will refrain from using foams or gels that little children can swallow.

Here at Estes orthodontics, you can come in to receive your highly-beneficial Richmond fluoride treatment. Your dentist will apply a high-concentration compound, foam, gel, or varnish, that delivers a dose of fluoride that can be rapidly absorbed by your teeth. The aim is to reinforce the natural defenses of your teeth to make them more resilient and resistant to harmful bacteria.

Keep in mind that engaging in Albany fluoride treatment can help offset some of the effects of poor oral hygiene, eating disorders, drugs or alcohol abuse, and even those of active caries. Fluoride is great for your dental health, but we would not recommend you depend solely on an application of fluoride to counteract tooth decay. You would do well by frequently consulting with your dentist, maintaining a dental care routine, and getting professional cleanings of your teeth with your dentist.

Your dentist will recommend Richmond fluoride treatment only if you are at risk of developing caries. Preparing this treatment only takes a few moments, and you will receive the fluoride in any of the forms we mentioned before. The dentist applies the fluoride, and you may have to hold a tray in place, or they may also use a swab or brush. In any case, you will receive the fluoride, and you won’t be able to eat anything for the following 30 minutes to enable the proper absorption of the fluoride.

We wouldn’t be very responsible if we didn’t warn you about the potential side effects of fluoride treatments. We mentioned before that some patients suffer allergies related to fluoride, but what the vast majority of us should be careful about is receiving too much of this mineral. Too much fluoride can lead to Fluorosis, meaning the discoloration of permanent teeth. You can get small white spots on your teeth, but you can only develop this condition if you had too much fluoride before your permanent teeth grew in. Kids should use fluoride-free toothpaste before age 2.

Don’t worry, the concentration of fluoride in our local water supply is low, as is the amount of fluoride you get with your diet. Your dentist will only recommend an Albany fluoride treatment if it’s necessary and beneficial to your dental health. Set your next appointment online so we can determine if you need to receive this treatment to maintain or improve your dental health.

Please contact our practice to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic evaluation. If needed, early treatment now will give your child a healthy, beautiful smile for the future.