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Albany Endodontic Therapy

We are proud to offer Richmond endodontic treatment to our patients. There is more to the tooth than the hard exterior. Beneath the enamel and dentin, there is a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp has nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues that keep your tooth alive, but as with any other part of your mouth, it can suffer from infection or decay if you suffer trauma or if the tooth gets attacked by harmful bacteria.

There are numerous risks associated with infections of the soft tissue in a tooth. When you develop cavities, and these bacteria infect the pulp of any of your teeth, you will suffer some symptoms like the swelling of your gums, hypersensitivity to cold or heat, and pain. The most worrying complication is that the infection can enter your bloodstream through the blood vessels within the tooth and spread to the rest of your body.

At Estes Orthodontics, We Can Provide Endodontics Therapy Albany

Thankfully, all dental health professionals have received endodontic training. Here at Estes Orthodontics, we can provide you with Albany endodontic treatment to help restore your teeth to their optimal health status. Endodontic treatment is fairly straightforward, and it doesn’t require too many visits to the dentist. On average, you should be done with the procedure in one or two visits.

A dental health professional will examine your tooth, take advanced imaging of your dental structures, apply a local anesthetic, and begin with the procedure. They will drill a small opening to begin treating the soft tissue inside the tooth. The goal is to clear all infected tissue to prevent further decay of the surrounding areas. Once all tissue is removed from the pulp chamber, they will fill the reshaped canals. Richmond endodontic treatment uses inert materials that will not cause other complications. In the case of procedures performed on younger patients, your dental health professional may use a material that can be reabsorbed by the body to allow the primary tooth to fall out as intended and also allow a secondary tooth to erupt without any interference.

The process of endodontics extends beyond the removal of the infected pulp tissue. If the dentist, or orthodontist, is to preserve the tooth and maintain the integrity of the surrounding dental structures, they have to perform additional restorative treatments. We mentioned that your tooth would be filled with an inert material, that material allows the tooth to retain structural integrity. Additionally, your dentist can recommend installing a dental crown to provide the tooth with an additional layer of protection.

Endodontic Treatment in Albany & El Cerrito CA

Albany endodontic treatment will result in additional steps to protect the treated tooth. Please consider that if your tooth needs additional stability, your orthodontist may install a post inside the tooth. The main goal of endodontics is to save your existing tooth. When this treatment is performed on younger patients and their primary teeth, some parents wonder why would a dentist go through all the effort to save a tooth that will eventually fall off. The reason is simple: it helps prevent further complications.

We are the Albany Endodontic Specialist 

Here at Estes Orthodontics, we specialize in correcting and preventing orthodontic complications. We know that losing a tooth prematurely, or during your adult life, can result in serious dental health complications. Your teeth may shift positions, and you may in turn develop overcrowding. Malaligned teeth are harder to clean, and poor dental hygiene leads to higher chances of developing cavities, pulp infections, and losing more teeth.

Richmond endodontic treatment detects tooth decay, clears the infected tissue, and preserves dental structures to prevent further orthodontic complications. Schedule your next appointment with us to receive a dental evaluation. Together we can determine what treatment is best for you, and ensure you have a healthy smile.

Please contact our practice to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic evaluation. If needed, early treatment now will give your child a healthy, beautiful smile for the future.