The Basics of Dental Braces in Albany

Proper Care for Your Braces in El Cerrito

Our team is based out of Albany, CA. Everyone at Estes Orthodontics is committed to helping all our patients achieve their treatment goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Albany or our neighboring cities; wearing braces is not an intuitive thing. 

You may have to wear your dental braces for several months. The best thing to do is be careful not to damage them and maintain good oral hygiene throughout the treatment to ensure maximum efficiency. Our team will help you in any way we can, but there are some everyday things you should keep in mind to get the most out of your traditional braces.

Dietary Changes for Ceramic Braces in Albany

Orthodontists recommend making some changes to a patient’s diet for three reasons:

  1. Prevent damage to your orthodontic appliances.
  2. Avoid increasing the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease.
  3. Manage the initial discomfort and tooth sensitivity

If you came to us to get the best ceramic braces El Cerrito has to offer, then you know you need to avoid any foods that can damage your appliance. Traditional metal braces may be a bit more durable, but ceramic braces are more discreet. Either way, you will have to watch what you eat.

Foods to Avoid

For more details on your dietary changes, you can visit our Blog.

How You’ll Feel With Your Braces in Albany

The first few days after you get your braces, your mouth will probably be a bit sore and tender. This sensation will last approximately three to five days. Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater can provide relief. If your soreness is more severe, you can take an over-the-counter painkiller. 

Likewise, some patients report their teeth felt loose at first. Don’t worry; that’s a good thing! That means the treatment is working. To move your teeth to their new locations, they must first loosen from their current position. 

Remember that once the treatment finishes, you will have to wear a retainer to prevent relapse.

Managing Your Emergencies With Braces in El Cerrito

First of all, you should know what really counts as a dental emergency.

If your face is swelling or you notice uncontrollable bleeding, you are suffering a dental emergency. If you suffered trauma to your face and lost a tooth, you are suffering a dental emergency. Get in touch with our office at once or visit an emergency care center to receive the help you need.

However, other situations can wait a little longer. Patients wearing traditional metal braces or ceramic braces in Albany may worry if their archwire dislodges or when a bracket falls off. These are easy fixes.

Check with our office to schedule an appointment to relocate the out-of-place pieces.

Proper Care for your Braces in Albany

Wearing your orthodontic appliances, be they metal braces or ceramic braces in El Cerrito, means added responsibility. During your treatment, you have to follow some recommendations to keep your appliances in top shape.

Unlike clear aligners, your braces are not removable. You’ll have to be extra careful during mealtimes and when you decide to drink any soft beverages.

Dental Hygiene While You Use Ceramic Braces in Albany

Your braces add how many nooks and crannies there are in your mouth and increase the number of places where food particles can become stuck. You must take extra time when brushing and flossing. Likewise, make sure to come back to the office for a regular check-up. 

If you don’t pay attention to your oral hygiene, you can develop dental health diseases and require additional dentist visits. We will also recommend you see a periodontist before or during your orthodontic treatment to ensure your gum disease doesn’t become a prevalent issue.

Mouthguards and Athletics

Wearing braces doesn’t need to prevent you from doing things you love, but you may need to take some extra precautions, especially if you are an athlete. A blow to the face or mouth can be even more damaging while in braces, so we recommend all athletes who play contact sports or are involved in any activity where an injury to the face could occur to wear a properly fitting mouthguard.

FAQ About Dental Braces in Albany, CA

What are braces?

Dental braces are a type of orthodontic appliance used to correct your teeth’ positioning and jaws alignment. Here in our Albany office, we install various types of braces to help patients get a well-aligned smile.

What can braces do?

Dental braces help correct malaligned teeth or jaws. If you move your teeth into place, you will have a straight and healthier smile. Our neighbors looking for dental braces in El Cerrito can count on us to fix their orthodontic problems.

How do you know if you need braces?

It’s easier to know you need braces as an adult. Younger patients may not know they need braces until most of their permanent teeth have erupted; however, a trained orthodontist can determine the need for braces much sooner and work proactively to avoid serious dental health complications. Consult with our team to check if you need braces in Richmond to improve the quality of your smile and dental health quality.

What is a good age to get braces treatment?

There is no exact age to start treatment. Still, you might want to start as soon as you can, and you should take a child to the orthodontist around age 7. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends visiting an orthodontist when your kid has lost most primary teeth, and their jaws are still in development. Feel free to come by and ask how you can get braces in Albany with us.

Can you get braces treatment even if your teeth are straight?

When considering braces treatment, an orthodontist will not just look at your teeth. It is possible your jaws also need alignment, and you may receive the recommendation to wear braces if this were the case. The only way to be sure is to visit an orthodontist; come to our office to check if you need braces in Albany.

Please contact our practice to schedule an appointment for an orthodontic evaluation. If needed, early treatment now will give your child a healthy, beautiful smile for the future.