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Orthodontic Appliances

Reasons Why You Would Need Braces

Not many people can contest orthodontic treatment have a positive impact on a person’s health and well-being. Accordingly, orthodontics’ benefits involve more than cosmetic aspects. Let’s analyze together some reasons
Stages of Orthodontics

What Are the Stages of Orthodontics Treatment

Many of our patients come in excited about their treatment but wonder how to follow up or keep track of their progress. Besides, many of our readers want to know

How Much Do Braces Cost for Adults With Insurance?

Do you find yourself feeling self-conscious when smiling for family pictures? Covering your mouth while you speak? Avoiding your own reflection in the mirror while getting ready for a night

Why Braces are Great for Fixing Gap Teeth

A common concern for teens and adults is the gaps between teeth. And we are not only referring to the gaps from an aesthetical point of view but also in
TMJ-TMD Treatment

Your Albany Orthodontist Explains What is TMD

Orthodontists are dental health specialists who focus on your teeth and jaw alignment. We deal with many problems in your maxillofacial region, including joint issues or TMJ/TMD. Some patients develop
Clean Invisalign

Recommendations the Best Way to Clean Invisalign

There is no denying the importance of good oral hygiene in general. Properly brushing and flossing after meals help prevent major dental problems, but orthodontics may complicate your routine a
Metal Dental Braces

Why You Should Say Yes To Dental Braces In El Cerrito

When you think about the benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment with dental braces in El Cerrito, the usual may come to mind. Perfectly straight teeth, aligned bite, and bright, white-colored
Braces Cost

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Our team is highly trained and motivated to provide the very best in orthodontic care to each of our patients. We provide the most advanced orthodontic treatments found anywhere. Still,

What Is Invisalign Dental Treatment?

Maybe when you were younger, you spent some time in braces, and the thought of braces reminds you of having a mouth full of metal brackets and wires. It’s even
Orthodontic Emergencies

What Is an Orthodontist Emergency? An Overview of the Challenges in Orthodontics

As an orthodontic patient, you might think that you are doing and going through the hardest part. After all, you built up the courage to research your options for orthodontic

Do I Really Need a Dental Retainer?

The best orthodontist El Cerrito has available will recommend you to wear a dental retainer following your phase 2 orthodontic treatment. We know many patients feel some reservations when they
braces with periodontal disease

Can I Wear Adult Braces if I Have Periodontal Disease?

Finding the best providers of adult braces treatment Albany residents have available also means considering all the challenges of undergoing orthodontic treatment. One of the main concerns we’ve seen among