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Ceramic Braces Care

Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing Ceramic Braces

Finally, you have chosen to take the first step towards a perfect smile, the kind you have seen on TV, in magazines, and movies throughout your life. Good News! The
Metal Dental Braces

Why You Should Say Yes To Dental Braces In El Cerrito

When you think about the benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment with dental braces in El Cerrito, the usual may come to mind. Perfectly straight teeth, aligned bite, and bright, white-colored
Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic Emergencies Made Easy

It’s important to count on a team ready to help you solve all your orthodontic emergencies. However, many patients fear they are unnecessarily bothering their orthodontist with questions about their
Orthodontic Treatment

What Can I Eat During My Orthodontic Treatment?

Wait, what’s up with the frowny face? Wearing your braces should not be only about the sacrifices you make to have near-perfect teeth. However, we’d all do well to keep
Orthodontists vs Dentists

Orthodontists vs Dentists and Other Dental Specialties

Our mouths are very complex structures. Dentists are generally anyone’s first thoughts when you consider subjects related to oral health; however, general dentists alone cannot do everything anyone needs to

Hygiene and Tooth Decay during Treatment

Developing and sticking to a good dental hygiene routine is essential for your dental health. They’re habits everyone should learn from a young age, but some of the first to