What Interesting Things Can Be Done During Summer in El Cerrito?

El Cerrito Summer

Sun, Fun, Run, what else rhymes for this summer? We don’t know. What is clear is we want to enjoy summer, and there are plenty of activities for “kids” and not so “kids,” just “kid” ding. Whoops, this doesn’t rhyme.

There is a range of activities in “El Cerrito” available for people of all ages, and we have also found some other DIY fun stuff you can enjoy doing at home or outdoors with your pals.

This entertaining article encompasses activities for all age groups, divided into segments for kids and adults. So, without further introduction, let’s start enjoying summer by the count of 1, 2, and 3.

Fun Summer Activities

El Cerrito “Camp Ravencliff” Summer Camp 2022

This year, after the pandemic, your kids can enjoy summer in Humboldt County on the shores of the Eel River. Mentoring teen leaders is the core of training Counselors in Training (CIT) at Camp Ravencliff.

The best part is the activities offered for Campers and CITs that include:

  • Canoeing;
  • All sorts of sports;
  • Handcrafting;
  • Performing arts;
  • Friendship and team building;
  • Self-reflection
  • Campfires and;
  • many more

We all agree, safety first. So, before entering the camp, all staff are exhaustively trained to ensure the group’s safety, kids’ development, and the needs of campers, all englobed in completing personal growth objectives and all programs.

The teen leadership program is for students entering grades 10-12 and combines a fun environment while providing tools for professional development.

18+ Activities at El Cerrito Recreation for Summer 2022

Great News, “El Cerrito Recreation” also offers activities for adults 18+. We list some of the newest activities you can register for and have fun with while learning something new.

  • Zumba;
  • Outdoor fitness boot camp;
  • Adult martial arts (Tendo Ryu Aginata, Karate, Shinshin Toitsu Aikido);
  • Yoga;
  • Watercolor & acrylic painting;
  • Pottery and;
  • a wide variety of classes (courses), including interior design, accounting, medical terminology, investing

60+ Activities at El Cerrito Recreation for Summer 2022

  • Senior Fitness Classes;
  • Tai Chi (Wu Style and T’ai Chi Chih);
  • Senior Day Trips;
  • Sing-Along;
  • Strength and Balance;
  • Fitness Swim and;
  • Water Aerobics.

Services for seniors include To-Go Meals, Transportation, and Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program.

Additional Local Activities for Kids

Trackers Earth Bay Area

With eighteen years of experience and nine years in the Bay Area, Trackers Earth offers many activities for all ages. Day and night camps, including mentoring programs, are available in fall, winter, and summer.

The offer includes over 20 outdoor activities, including:

  • Archery;
  • Nature Awareness;
  • Wilderness Survival, and;
  • Outdoor Sports.

Trackers Earth promotes care and respect for the natural world and the community.

Kensington Community Council Summer Camp

Lots of fun for children. KCC Summer Camp offer is for kids entering first grade in Fall 2022 to sixth grade. The camp lasts nine weeks up to August 12th. Some of the activities include:

  • Tennis lessons;
  • Daily arts;
  • Crafts;
  • Sports;
  • Games;
  • Carpentry;
  • Pottery;
  • Legos, and;
  • Other fun activities.

Cooking Round the World

Parents voted Cooking Round the World “Best of” in Parents’ Press Reader’s Choice awards. One of the most extraordinary things we found in web surfing is you can sign your kid for as many weeks as you want.

About themes, every camp has its own. Regarding safety measures, Cooking Round the World complies with strict health and safety measures to safeguard kids’ well-being.

Sticky Art Lab

This is Art with Purpose. Sticky Art Lab is a place where kids and adults can reuse material they can find at home and create authentic artwork. Waste? No, no. Waste is actually art material.

Dancing Paintbrush Studio Spring & Summer Art Camps

Dancing Paintbrush Studio won Best Bay Summer Art Camp from Parents Press in 2021. This summer, they offer Zoom Camp Art Classes with single lessons per class. The great news is you can enroll your kid with 24-hour notice.

What Other Activities You Can Do on Your Own This Summer?

Rainy Days, No Problem

No problem, you can still sit on your couch, make popcorn and start a movie marathon. What about building a model plane or doing a puzzle? You can also bake some cookies or emulate a recipe you see on YouTube.

Our top pick for a rainy day is trimming a bonsai with the sound of raindrops falling, so relaxing.

Enjoy The Nature Around You

Pack lots of water and take a hat and sunscreen with you. You can do many outdoor activities, from bird watching with an identifying guidebook to growing fresh herbs in containers.

Our top pick is planting a butterfly or hummingbird garden.

Experience Local Restaurants and Other Sites

Sometimes we miss great places to enjoy close to us without noticing it. Use a guide and explore new restaurants and gathering areas with your family. Some ideas include concerts, going to a flea market, prepare a picnic outdoors.

Our top pick is making a road trip to a nearby city without a plan.

Play With Your Brain

You and your kids can enjoy learning and entertaining activities this summer. There are tons of DIY mockups or fun things you can do that can keep your brain trained and alert.

You can get a timer and challenge your and your family’s abilities by doing a puzzle. Also, reading a book is fun, but have you tried joining a reading club and discussing your reading with friends? It is a great activity.

Our top pick is replicating a science experiment at home.

Play Artist

You can be creative at home. You can get artsy with stuff you can get at home. You can make your own mural with white paper you can add daily to the end of summer and expose it to family and friends.

You can also play Photoshoping some family pictures taken during summer, learn to play a musical instrument, or do your own sculptures with clay and then bake them so you can have them in your own house museum.

Our top pick is writing a script and staging a dramatic play.

Do Some Outdoor Activities

You can enjoy going places while enjoying the sun or rain. The primary purpose is to get your body moving. In fact, kids love flying kites, fishing in a pond, or making a one-day, one-park visit. When visiting places, you can play minigolf or rent a paddle canoe.

Our best pick is hiking and biking in national parks

Enjoy Summer Nights

The best part of summer is you can plan night outdoor activities. You just have to get armed with bug repellent spray and camp in the backyard. Then, reunite your family and roast some marshmallows in a bonfire.

Our best pick is to get a projector and play your favorite Netflix movie in your backyard.

Do Some Community Activities

Visiting the elderly at a retirement home is a fulfilling activity. You can play cards or sing songs. Also, helping with the organization and cleanup activities will make you feel full of joy.

Our best pick is to prepare and serve meals to the less favored people.

Orthodontic Emergency Care During Summer at Estes Orthodontics

Emergencies can happen at any moment. Sometimes you might be having a blast playing with friends or at summer camp, and a bracket might fall off, or a wire might break, causing discomfort and delaying orthodontic treatment.

The good news is that brackets have a wire connected to them, so they’ll just stick to the wire without too much of a problem. However, if one of your brackets becomes loose, schedule an appointment with your El Cerrito orthodontist as soon as possible.

Wires will be another of your problems. Wires can snap or stick out of the bracket if kept too long. When this happens, the wire can poke the inside of the cheek, causing sores or general discomfort.

Luckily, for these issues, you can use a pair of household tweezers to bend the extra length of wire, moving it away from the inside of your cheek. If the wire is loose, you can use orthodontic wax to hold the wire into place until you schedule an appointment with an emergency orthodontist in Richmond.

At Estes Orthodontics, summer hours may differ to accommodate our patients. So, if you experience any orthodontic emergency or believe you are suffering from symptoms common in periodontal disease, please schedule an appointment with the team and doctors at Estes Orthodontics today by call.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams’ smile and maintain optimal oral health.

Dr. Estes and her team are committed to ensuring each patient and their families receive excellent care using state-of-the-art treatment options.